We facilitate negotiations, formulation and implementation of development policies

Development Policies: GK Partners assist developing countries in Africa and elsewhere, to formulate, implement and improve policy and practice in key sectors such as: social enterprise, environmental enterprises and responsible business; Public Private Partnerships and Private Finance Initiatives; community and regional regeneration; migration, diaspora and development; and technology transfer. We provide direct support to produce the policies and build institutional and organisational structures nationally. We also enhance the capacity of officials and stakeholders to ensure effective policy implementation.

Support Agencies: We work with development partners to transform targeted socio-economic sectors in selected African and other developing countries. We also work with reputable institutions in the developed world, to facilitate knowledge and technology transfer and exchange.

Developing Countries: We provide direct support to central governments and municipal authorities in developing countries committed to good governance. We also work with private and civil society organisations that contribute to advances in environmental, social and governance issues.

P4D Expertise and Experience

Policies in Action: GK Partners has helped develop and implement bold policies that promote socioeconomic development and social justice. We have worked with governments and non-government actors helping them initiate policies and practices that stimulate development and tackle the root causes of underdevelopment. We have promoted innovative ideas in the SME and social enterprise sectors leading to legislative and policy changes in the UK. Our work in linking migration, diasporas and development has been recognised by the United Nations and other international development institutions.

Effective Practice: GK Partners has extensive practical experience of tackling the root causes of ineffectual policy implementation. In the international development sector, many good policies have been adopted, yet non-implementation and poor execution are common. GK Partners is incisive in analysing the conceptual and practical causes of policy failures. Tools and frameworks have been developed to prevent failures and promote achievement of stretched targets.

Sector Development: GK Partners has developed a range of innovative and effective capacity-development and skills transfer tools and frameworks. These policy, management and organisational development tools address: the root causes of ineffectual implementation; and the factors and drivers that lead to operational excellence.

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