ABC of GKP Services

  • Action-Oriented Training & Development
  • Business Modelling & Business Planning
  • Corporate Governance & Legal Structures
  • Diagnostics & Feasibility Studies
  • Evaluations & Action-Oriented Research
  • Financing Social, Commercial & Public Enterprises
  • Green Procurement & Sustainable Supply Chains

GKP Specialist Programmes

Programme Implementation [PI]Design, develop and implement projects and programmes for international and institutional clients
Finance for Development [F4D]Facilitating foreign, diaspora and responsible investment for job creation and sustainable development
Policy for Development [P4D]Facilitating negotiations, formulation and implementation of development policies and strategies
Responsible Enterprise and African Development (READ)We facilitate foreign and diaspora direct investment and job creation in Africa
Analyses for Action [A4A]Undertake research and analyses for evidence-based business and development actions
Operational Excellence [OpEx™]Provide training and development in innovative practices in ethical and sustainable productivity
Access to Finance (A2F)We help clients raise finance for their organisations from different sources
Access to Property (A2P)We help clients find, lease, purchase and move into appropriate premises
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