GK Partners was co-founded in 2004 by Professor Gibril Faal and Ms. Katharine Ford. They are the specialist business and development executives who in 2001 piloted a UK Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) project to develop and implement a social enterprise business support system and mechanism.

GKP applies the principles of social enterprise, economic inclusion and corporate responsibility to the practice of sustainable business and international development.

GKP has developed multiple bottom line business planning and implementation tools and techniques to ensure feasibility, viability and sustainability of projects and programmes.

GK Partners work with:

  • Commercial Enterprises – to make them more socially and environmentally responsible
  • Social Enterprises – to make them more enterprising and financially viable
  • Public and Other Institutions – to make them more effective, efficient, equitable, ethical and impactful.

ABC of GKP Services

Action-Oriented Training & Development

Business Modelling & Business Planning

Corporate Governance & Legal Structures

Diagnostics & Feasibility Studies

Evaluations & Action-Oriented Research

Financing Social, Commercial & Public Enterprises

Green Procurement & Sustainable Supply Chains

GKP Achievements and Impact

GKP operates as a social enterprise by generating income through commercial contracts, service level agreements, and technical cooperation contracts and grants. In turn, the company provides pro bono support, in-kind technical expertise, and project co-finance to a range of public benefit programmes undertaken by civil society, public sector, international development, social enterprise and academic organisations and institutions. GKP is a signatory to the 2006 Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Compact for responsible business, and Member of the UNGC Network in the United Kingdom. GKP has also been accredited as a consultancy partner by Crown Agents (UK), and the European Union list of Private Law Bodies for service contracts.

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