We help clients find, lease, purchase and move into appropriate premises

Community Spaces: GK Partners facilitates access and acquisition of specialist and unusual spaces for diverse community and public usage. We help clients search for suitable premises and properties which meet operational and regulatory specifications. We provide hands-on support on negotiating lease or purchase contracts, refurbishments, re-modelling and re-building.

Property Providers: We work with land and property owners and managers who are seeking partnerships with social enterprises, public enterprises and other community service providers. The property providers use our services to ensure optimum socio-economic returns and access to efficient community tax reliefs.

Property Seekers: We provide direct support to private, public and voluntary organisations seeking to set up: business centres and industrial parks; museums and art centres; sports and recreational spaces; youth and community centres; social housing schemes; educational and multipurpose centres.

A2P Expertise and Experience

Past Projects: GK Partners have worked successfully with clients and partners to develop community spaces such as: supported office suites; modular bio-diesel refinery; multipurpose community centre; theatre and art centre; cinema museum; circus and acrobatic space; and indoor climbing facilities.

Tax Reliefs: GK Partners has experience of structuring property deals such as to take advantage of tax reliefs and breaks. By ensuring that landed property is used to generate community and public benefit, we have been able to tap into tax incentives and negotiate grants and concessions from central and municipal authorities.

Sector Development: For 15 years, the directors of GK Partners have been involved in providing strategic insight and operational tools to enhance the social benefits of land and property usage. These inputs include: writing ministerial speech in 2003 (entitled ‘Beyond Bricks and Mortar’) on the multifarious linkages between social housing and social enterprise; presentation at the 2009 Charities Property Conference; development of methodology for assessing social benefits for the purposes of accessing municipal concessions; negotiating and facilitating asset transfers from municipal and public bodies to social enterprises and community organisations.

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