Remittance match funding and tax relief for international development

RemitAid™ is a programme advocating remittance match funding and/or tax rebates for international development. It seeks to mitigate the imperfections of diaspora and migrant remittances and to facilitate the channelling of more of these financial flows towards productive and regenerative ventures in developing countries. RemitAid™ proposes match funding or provision of a community tax rebate on remittances that are spent on activities that support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), charitable objectives or other regenerative development projects and programmes.

A 4-page RemitAid™ briefing paper can be downloaded below. It sets out a simple framework through which match funding and/or tax rebates can be claimed and pooled together in a simple and transparent manner, with minimal risk for fraud or impropriety. RemitAid™ was founded by Mr Gibril Faal and it is promoted by GK Partners and AFFORD (African Foundation for Development).

RemitAid™ and the African Diaspora Finance Corporation (July 2022)

Download RemitAid™ Briefing Paper

Read and comment on RemitAid™ blog published by Independent newspaper – 15 June 2013

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