We facilitate foreign and sustainable investment and job creation in developing countries

Financing Development: GK Partners assist African and other developing countries to access funds emanating from the 2015 ‘Financing for Development’ global agreement (Addis Ababa Action Agenda on Financing for Development). We help development partners invest in sustainable infrastructure and responsible enterprises. We provide capacity-development and technical assistance in producing and implementing invest-ready development programmes and equitable Public Private Partnerships and blended finance projects.

Development Investors: We work with international development agencies committed to achieving transformative, long term impact through strategic programmes and ‘patient investment’. We also work with responsible and impact investors who are committed to: creating decent and sustainable jobs; paying fair local taxes; and upholding the UN Global Compact.

Developing Countries: We provide direct support to government and municipal authorities; public and private ventures; social and community enterprises in low and middle income countries in Africa and other parts of the developing world.

F4D Expertise and Experience

Social Economy Investments: GK Partners has worked with the major international development agencies in the world and other development funders, assisting them to dedicate funds for social economy investments. We facilitated direct investment in enterprise development, job creation and the strengthening of professional capacities and the social economy of developing countries. We have acted as advisers to project promoters and served as reviewers of project plans on behalf of investors.

Sustainable Development Goals: GK Partners have a deep understanding of the role of financial investment in achieving people-centred development goals. We are also aware of the potential for financial machinations to undermine progress in the real economy. GK Partners is committed to bringing unrivalled technical knowledge and competencies for sustainable development through the expansion and strengthening of the social economy in developing countries. Whilst promoting new forms of blended finance for development and Private Finance Initiatives, we are keen to ensure that the negative elements of these frameworks are not replicated in Africa and other developing countries.

Sector Development: GK Partners participated in policy development and advocacy work relating to the new global agreements on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as well as the Financing for Development (FfD) framework. We have practical experience of applying in developing countries, the innovations and positive lessons learnt in industrialised countries in the field of socioeconomic and regeneration and social enterprise.

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